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5 easy ways to keep away children from mobile:

keep away child from mobile

The only thing the scholars did at the time was to watch the cartoon on the mobile.

If the mobile was with his father, then on the TV, this morning and evening, and the day and night, gradually the physical weakness of the scholars as well as severe mental stress. I started to get irritated and running away from everyone else.

Every attempt to remove the mobile was unsuccessful because his father and mother were not giving him an alternative. That would be interesting enough to keep him away from the mobile,. When, by chance, a counseling expert talked to the children. The best tool to reduce the time of using such a device was to teach the Ulean’s father and that tool was to play any game.

What could be more interesting for kids than the colorful world of the device, that they may not even have the idea of ​​seeing on screen is that parents have to play with their children, no matter what game the child absorbs? Do it.

The power of the game is so great for kids that it also makes the device and screen time secondary.

But the problem is that parents are so busy doing daily chores and ‘fixing’ their children with rigor and discipline that the game doesn’t even exist in their dictionary.

But childcare and counseling experts say the game must be at the top of your day-to-day preferences.

Why is it important for parents to ‘play’?

There is a famous saying that ‘playing in the business of childhood,’ when a child even plays a baby with a baby, he or she is actually practicing problem-solving, motor skills, physical and mental challenges. Is learning the strategy.

Above all, making parents ‘time for play’ is actually a very valuable and emotional moment for children, it is building a foundation of self-esteem in the children, it is building trust in the children. Parents are embracing their imagination and creativity, and their play is an art and value to you too.

The key to playing with children:

Parenting is definitely a difficult task for parents to follow because it means getting everything done faster or slower or doing the same thing 20 times, but to improve children’s mental training and communication skills. Repeated games are very important.

The most important principle to play with children in the ‘right’ way is to not give them too many instructions or get involved with them too quickly, to allow children to make decisions based on their age and ability, such as reading a particular book. , Or let the kids decide to play with a doctor, choosing a particular color, drawing with a certain color, or playing with blocks.

One of the main goals parents can set for themselves is that while playing with children, they can better know their child’s personality, what makes them happy and how the world looks at them. All this and more.

The first but essential step of playing with children:

The most important step for children to play with is to fully allocate time and attention, not just the ‘baby and its play’ at the scheduled time. But also other tasks and devices being used. Talk to your child about what he or she would like to play, depending on the age of the child. And we’re giving them leadership positions, on the one hand, they gain confidence, on the other hand, your role in the scene is positive and supportive. Will

These may be a few early games for kids of different ages. But you and your kids can think of some new, exciting and unique games together.

Easy ways to keep away children from mobile are::

Newborn Infants Games:

1- Play Peek-a-boo or as they say in the local language.

2 – Help the baby reach a trap so he can shake it.

3 – Turn the ball forward or squeeze it into a larger ball.

4 – The game of ‘touching and feeling’, which involves touching different things and naming them such as ‘this is the table’.

5 – Looking in the mirror and explaining different physical organs.

For Toddlers For Beginners:


1 – Follow him on his knees and comment on different things simultaneously.

2 – Offering a variety of toys or household items that can make noise, which will interest the child.

3 – Read the book and let it pick up your favorite book.

4 – Play with him physical games like running away.

5 – Ask your child about where the nose is. Where are the eyes? Etc.

6 – Sit near the tub or bucket with water.

7 – Clinging with it because, at this age, children love to do as they are older.

For school-going children:

school children

1- Ask him to bring a board game of his choice for the whole family to play.

2 – Play with different toys, dolls, blocks and encourage children to comment on them and express their imagination.

3 – Go out, park and join them in whatever they want to play.

4 – Get involved in-home or office tasks that a child can help with, such as writing things down, cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, etc.

Games for kids ages 8-12 and teenagers:

fotball playing

1- Ask your child to plan any trips – such as a park, seaside or museum – which includes your suggestions.

2 – Check out a program of his choice.

3 – Create a book club at home, ask her to pick your own books and ask her questions.

4 – Do a home repair work on a team in which they are free to do their own custom work.

5 – Play physical games like racing, jogging, and football more.

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