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5G services introduced in China:

fiveg in china

5G mobile services have been officially introduced in China. But in this regard, it has made a significant honor.

Currently, 5G services are available to customers in limited locations in the US, UK, and South Korea. But China has surpassed everyone in this regard and has named itself the world’s largest 5G network.

5G services have been introduced to consumers by 3 companies China Mobile. China Unicom and China Telecom and 30 GB data for 128 yuan (28 hundred Pakistani rupees) while 300 GB data for 599 yuan (Rs. Thousands of Pakistani rupees).

The interesting thing is that even if the prices of 4G internet data plan are similar. The new generation network will be able to be used by ordinary users as well.

Since China’s 3 major mobile operator companies have introduced 5G services, 86,000 base stations have been installed across the country. And the service will be available to consumers in the 50 most important cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and others.

Just before the regular launch of 5G services in China. And more than a million people had registered to become mobile operators.

Similarly, Huawei sold over one million units of the Mate 30 FiveG Smartphone in just a minute. Which also seems to interest consumers in terms of this technology.

The Chinese government expects more than 11 million people to use the FiveG network by 2020.

What will be the speed of FiveG?

During its trial last year, it was revealed that the FiGG network would suffer from existing mobile internet connection. And would be ten times faster than a home broadband connection.

Last year at the Mobile World Congress, Samsung introduced the FiGo home router. The speed of 4 gigabits per second, or it could even be called 500 megabits per second, with a fifty GB file just two minutes away. While a hundred GB movie can be downloaded in four minutes.

Currently the average Internet speed in the US is only 55 megabits per second. However, when the FIVE G technology truly comes to fruition, one can accurately predict what its average speed will be during various obstacles or crowds of people.

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But it will still be several times faster than the Four GLTEs, if fifty percent. Even if low, the speed of the domestic Internet will be 2 gigabytes per second. While a gigabyte per second can be termed as great in the current context.

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