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Can banana peels be eaten?


Almost everyone is familiar with the sweetness and taste of bananas, but have they ever even eaten their nails?

Well, the question is: Can banana peels be eaten or not? Because it is believed that banana peels can be heavy for the gastrointestinal. It is also a component of dishes in different countries of the world.

To find out if banana peels can be eaten and how much they can affect health.

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Benefits of banana peels:

Banana peels make up 35% of this fruit and is discarded instead of consumed. But some extra vitamins and minerals can be obtained as part of the diet.

In fact, banana peels can not only be eaten, but they are also rich in many important nutrients. It including potassium, dietary fiber, poly in saturated fats and important amino acids.

Fiber is a very beneficial ingredient for health because it helps maintain blood glucose levels. It maintains blood glucose levels, regulates intestinal functions, and regulates blood pressure levels by potassium, protecting bone volume. Is found while the risk of kidney stones is low.

A test-tube study found that banana peels are rich in antioxidants. While some research reports indicate that these antioxidants can reduce edema and provide protection for diseases. Such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

>>Potential loss:

Usually, pesticides are used during banana cultivation, by the way, you should not worry. If you only eat fruits, but you should think about them before eating because the pesticides are very negative on health. It can cause side effects while increasing the risk of cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and dementia.

So if you intend to eat peelings, wash them thoroughly before using them. Some people describe the taste of these peels as bitter and harsh, so those who cook them can improve the taste and texture.

How to Eat Banana Peel?

First, take the ripe bananas, as their skin is often sweet and thin. Then thoroughly dust the skin, then add it to the blender and blend it with any of your favorite beverage ingredients.

In addition to boiling or boiling, these peels can also be used, making them soft and easy to eat.

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