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Google Claims a Quantum computer:Google said

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Don’t know! But now Google, the largest Internet technology company, has claimed to have developed a Quantum computer.

Leave it to man, how long does it take to calculate a quadrillion or quadrillion, beyond a normal computer trillion? And that is so much faster than the most powerful ‘supercomputers’ in the world that the average person could not calculate.

Yes, Google claims that their scientists have succeeded in creating a computer that can perform the task in just 200 seconds. That’s supercomputers’ can perform in 10,000 years.

At present, the fastest and most intelligent computers in the world are ‘supercomputers. These are used for very advanced research rather than general use. And the speed or ability of such computers goes beyond human thinking.

China had the most powerful and most intelligent computer in the world. But in November last year, the US developed a computer. That was four times faster and more intelligent than the Chinese computer.

America’s supercomputer is currently the fastest and most intelligent computer in the world. And capable of calculating more than 143 quadrillions a second.

This computer was called ‘Summit’, which is spending billions of dollars a day to operate.

The total weight of the ‘summit’ is 340 tonnes. And its servers and machines are housed in a building of 5,600 square feet.

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These computers, powered by IBM and Nvidia devices, provide support for 4,000 608 servers. And this computer uses almost one city’s electricity.

But now Google has claimed to be a faster, faster and more intelligent computer system than this computer.

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According to a report published in the science journal ‘Nature’, Google experts have been able to create a computer. That after many years of hard work, it takes the work done by a powerful computer in 10,000 years, just 200 seconds, just three minutes.

Google also cited this computer in its blog post, saying that with the new computer system built, the world would enter a new era. And it would take minutes to do many tasks that would require thousands of powerful computers to perform. Take years

Google has not yet made a computer out of this newly developed system that can be presented to the world as a model. But according to the company, after many years of hard work in building the world’s fastest. And also the most intelligent computer system has succeeded.

Google has named this computer system “Quantum Supremacy” and claims that a computer with the same name will be much faster than the world’s most powerful and fastest computers.

Google has been running the world’s most powerful computer for the past few months. And many tech companies have even claimed in their reports that Google has developed the most powerful and intelligent computer system. Google itself has not made any announcement in this regard.

Now Google has announced it, but many other computer technology companies have expressed skepticism over Google’s claims. And saying that the truth of Google’s claims does not appear, but Google has stated their claim as true and true. Is.

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