Indians’ brains are the smallest in the world: research

Indians’ brains are the smallest in the world: research

A recent study has shown that the brain of Indian people actually Are the smallest brain in the world.

While India’s population, the world’s largest country by population, is currently working closely with global organizations dealing with technology, health, and business.

This unique research of its kind has been conducted by Indian experts from other countries. Including Canada and the brains of men and women of India were examined during this research.

According to a report published in the Indian Science Journal. Neurology India, the mind of Indians is not only smaller than that of Westerners. But their brain is smaller than that of people in many Eastern countries.

Indian experts also participated in the research.
The research was conducted by experts from the ‘International Institute of Information Technology’ (IIIT) in Canada. And McGill and Montreal University in the Indian city of Hyderabad.

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Experts initially created ‘brain atlas’ from pictures and brain tests of 350 people. That is a truly scientific way of examining parts of any human brain.

During this same study, experts developed the ‘brain atlas’ with the help of MRI scanning of the brains of 100 Indians. And other tests, after which experts compared the Brian Atlas of the Indians to the Brian Atlas of the world. ۔

smallest brain

Surprisingly, the minds of Indians were found to be different and smaller in size. Size, volume, and design than others in other countries of the world, the report said.

According to the report, Indians were found to be different from Chinese and South Koreans.

The report said that although the minds of Indians were found to be smaller than those of other countries. Their disadvantages were not stated, but it was hoped that it could detect other diseases, including Alzheimer’s, in the Indians prematurely.

Experts clarify that the research was limited and that further work needs to be done.

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