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TCL company introduced the folding phone in three layers:

TCL Company has developed a three-fold folded smartphone that becomes an open tablet.

Beijing: TCL, a well-known display and TV maker in China, has now developed a new foldable phone. The phone folds into three layers and turns into a 10-inch tablet after opening. Some of the model companies have sent to the analyst website.

Jessica Dolcourt, the editor of a well-known computer and electronics website, has used and produced a video of TCL’s TriFold phone. This ten-inch tablet looks great. One end of it turns inward and the other comes upon it, thus being called a trifold phone.

Although it is slightly elongated and thickens and grows after folding, it can also be turned into an edge keyboard. While the remaining two major parts make up the screen. Folding phones and tablets around the world are on the rise. And TCL has taken advantage of this and introduced its new phone.

china folding phne

Its camera is mounted on the back but the rest of the technical details such as the RAM, processor and camera details are not mentioned. No information on its price has been found. Earlier, the TCL company has amazed the world by offering foldable and flexible OLED displays.

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For that reason, it can be said that the Chinese company has developed a foldable mobile phone which will probably be offered for sale next year.

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