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Which women are most likely to have breast cancer?

cause of breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers found in women worldwide. Breast cancer is considered to be the leading cause of worldwide mortality. According to the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to WHO research, breast cancer accounts for 10% of all cancers worldwide. Which is diagnosed.

Talking about Pakistan, Pakistan has the highest breast cancer rate in Asian countries. Every year around 90,000 new cases are diagnosed, of which 40,000 women are killed, according to various research.

Given this, we can say that one out of every 9 women in the country may be the victim of this disease. And it is definitely a matter of thought for all of us.

But at the same time, we need to assess what are the causes of this deadly disease. Why is this rate so high in Pakistan? In addition, how can the disease be prevented?

Experts say that the cells found in our body are distributed as needed. And contribute to the growth of the body. If these cells become excessively distributed or go away in any part. The cells In the scientific term, a tumor is called a tumor, which in turn, develops into cancer.

If the tumor is made into the cells of the breast. Then the breast becomes cancerous.

Now that we all know about DNA, know that a part of it is called a gene. These genes are specific for any purpose, to prevent the seamless distribution of breast cells. There are genes called ‘and’ that if there is a change in these genes, called ‘mutation’ in scientific language. Then these genes fail to prevent the optimal distribution of the breast cells. And mutation is one of the major causes of breast cancer.

Moreover, many causes include environmental factors, in a patient it can be caused by liver failure and in a patient. It causes environmental factors, sometimes with both types of breast cancer. But in addition to these factors, there are causes that increase the incidence of the disease and it is important to mention them.

Other causes of breast cancer include the following:

Age –

According to doctors, the trend of breast cancer increases with increasing age, the risk of the disease is lower in women under 40, but the chances of developing the disease increase with age, research has proved. 2 out of every 3 women diagnosed with the disease are close to 55 years old.

Sex –

The common impression regarding breast cancer is that it is not only true in women, it is not true, it can occur in men but it is 100 times higher in women than men. This disease is only seen in women.

Family Background:

The biggest cause of breast cancer is the mutation of the genes. So the chances of the disease being found in women of the same family are higher, if a woman’s mother, father, sister or daughter has breast cancer. I am also more likely to develop the disease.

Personal Health –

If one patient is diagnosed once in one breast, the chances of the disease are increased at another breast.

Breeding system –

The reproductive system has a strong association with breast cancer. If the menstrual cycle starts at the age of 12 or ends after 55 years. The chances of developing the disease are increased. Birth to babies in the latter part of the age and women who are infertile also have higher chances of breast cancer.

Obesity –

Overweight or obesity in women increases. The incidence of this disease, obesity is the cause of the disease in women in which menstruation is eliminated soon. And they should be tested as soon as possible.

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